November 16, 2010

Karma, Karma, Carmelite

There are no second acts, it's been said, but Steven Riddle seems to have found his. Momentary Taste is so different from Flos Carmeli that it's as if he reinvented himself before our very eyes. His old blog was linkless and discursive, his new blog link-full and pithy. It's a startling achievement to see someone speak in a new blog voice.To give but one example: "Okay, just cool yer jets--dun fore he wuz prez." (Sometimes the new voice is pretty literal.) He has undergone the discipline that blog-readers seem to require: a consistent branding. For Momentary Taste, it's all things literary. For "recollected in tranquility", it's his poetry.

I often think of Steven when I'm faced, yet again, with the issue of detachment. I can't help but think how he was right about it, that Carmelites "get it". 99% of obstacles to the spiritual life seem related to detachment issues.

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