October 01, 2004

Ain't It The Truth
Worship and service make up [the angel's] blessedness; and such is our blessedness in proportion as we approach them. But all exercises of mind which lead us to reflect upon and ascertain our state; to know what worship is, and why we worship; what service is, and why we serve; what our feelings imply, and what our words mean, tend to divert our minds from the one thing needful, unless we are practiced and expert in using them. All proofs of religion, evidences, proofs of particular doctrines, Scripture proofs, and the like - these certainly furnish scope for the exercise of great and admirable powers of mind, and it would be fanatical to disparage or disown them; but it requires a mind rooted and grounded in love not to be dissipated by them. As for truly religious minds, they, when so engaged, instead of merely disputing, are sure to turn inquiry into meditation, exhortation into worship, and argument into teaching. - Ven. John Henry Newman

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