December 01, 2006

Speaking of Football...

I recall playing neighborhood football screaming "Sam the Bam Cunningham!" just before one of those over-the-top running plays, the kind where you'd try to fly over the action. (Gosh it was fun being a kid.)

Well, I'd always thought of Sam "Bam" Cunningham as mythical, a sort of pigskin Cuchulain. The name was too good. Who could even think up one of such excellent rhyme and metre? But who do I see on IMUS's MSBNC show today? Yep ol' Sam 'Bam'. He exists. He looks good, not like some of the more hard-living ex-football types. He was wearing one of those old fashioned Vince Lombardi hats, a small fedora, the sort of hat only gentlemen of a certain age can get away with.

Who remembers the ol' Punt, Pass & Kick library? The covers bring back memories:


 But baseball was always my true love, and my favorite was "Strange But True Baseball Stories".

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