February 29, 2008

A Fisk From My Bro-in-Law

I sent this, sent by a reader who knows I would enjoy it, where enjoy is "enjoy". One of the little tidbits is the publisher gave Obama a book on heart health because, you know, health is the new American god.

But my brother-in-law, who seems to take a keen interest in fuel alternatives for a conservative (God bless him, we need more like him) focused on the Obama's remarks (your mileage may vary; pun intended):
"For some, that could mean slightly higher taxes or a disincentive to drive a gas-guzzling vehicle. For everyone, it would mean higher electrical prices in the short run."

Apparently he's advocating reality? With higher oil prices come both a disincentive to drive any vehicle, and higher utility rates. Does he even write checks for his own bills -- DOUBT IT!

"... require sacrifice from those of us who are lucky in this society to pay a little more in taxes, ..."

Pretty much as we always have.

"If we went back to the obesity rates that existed in 1980 we would save the Medicare system a trillion dollars,"

This is a fantasy -- an outrageous claim created from thin air. How about if we just go back to the life expectancy for 1980? That shaves about 3 years off everyone's life, and saves Medicare some 6 trillion dollars.

"... put caps on the emission of greenhouse gases, "generating billions of dollars from polluters who are releasing carbons," and then investing that money in wind, solar, biodiesel, and other green energies. "

Those billions are gonna come from you and me, forcing us to invest for a 30 to 50 year ROI. That's not the way to do things, and getting the gov't involved is sure to make it a boon-doggle the size of the 'Big Dig' and make the ROI zero. And, Mr. Obama, biodiesel releases 'greenhouse gases'!

"He said wind and solar plants can provide jobs and advocated businesses retrofitting buildings to be energy-efficient."

Wind and Solor power plants do not provide jobs other than the initial construction. Where does he think the energy for conventional power plants comes from? His arse? Those are real jobs too!

"... his plan for international trade agreements would require "strong labor protections, strong environmental protections, and strong safety standards," a position virtually identical to that of Mrs. Clinton.

Uh Oh -- no more $20 shoes, $30 jeans, $99 bicycles and $15,000 autos. These items will not be available anymore because no one is going to pay $4,000 for a kid's bicycle made in the USA.

"How do you think I’m getting here, do you think I’m duping everybody?" he asked. "You think everybody just has a crush?

In a word, YES.

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