December 30, 2011

They Almost Fell On Their Swords

I was amused by the abrupt about-face down by the Boehner's crew. Even I, a political novice, knew that protesting a two-month extension of the payroll tax isn't a good place to spend your political capital.

I'm thinking the House Republicans wouldn't make good poker players. They'd raise the pot while holding a pair of deuces. God love 'em, they go around looking for Pickett charges: places to die politically. I don't get why they wanted to make their stand in what is a short-term conservative victory (two months extension of payroll tax cut, I think - I don't much follow politics closely enough but still feel the need to holler.) What makes the tea party particularly fascinating is the political tone-deafness. It's their nemesis and their saving grace all at once. They show it's not "business as usual" by never having read a political science book. They don't play the "gotcha" games of D.C, so they get had by the Dems nearly every time. They don't want to be good at both politics AND policy, as if the two are mutually exclusive.

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