April 30, 2002

I think the search for humility in the bishops is a vain search, for the humility gene is one they simply don't have. They are politicians, and we know that an admission of guilt from a politician requires a DNA-stained dress. The best we can hope for (and I think it HAS been achieved) is that they will not shuffle bad priests any more. They have gotten that message, even if they will not publically confess their sins. I have come to peace with that because I confess my sins in the privacy of the confessional and therefore will give them the right to do the same.

I think clerics look at the laity the same way a customer service manager looks at customers. Lay people require priests to work for them, they are needy. My uncle is a pharamcist and he says they all secretly loathe working with 'the public'. Isn't that what clerics do? But isn't that quite human? The customer makes demands, often unreasonable. As one customer service manager I know says, "The customer isn't always right, but the customer is always the customer". I'm not excusing this mentality at all, but I think anyone who works with the public everyday has to fight against an "us against them" mentality.

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