June 22, 2002

Thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebration at Mecklenburg Garden’s Restaurant in downtown (and I do mean downtown) Cincinnati. Set amid tenement buildings and urban color, we survived the walk into Mecklenburgs without incident. The restaurant oozed a sort of tangible Germanness, though it might’ve been my imagination since it didn’t exactly have an apostolic line of succession – i.e. there were breaks when it was something other than a German restaurant. But it didn’t matter, since we enjoyed tremendously good food and company. I chose the beer with the most syllables, as good an indicator of a great beer as any other for any beer company confident enough to call themselves“Fahrenesbruder Dunkel Scheinheimer Bier” (or whatever it was) must be good. After all, by the time you get done saying the name you could’ve had a Bud Light. But the beer lived up to its name. As did the steak. And dessert. Ohhhhh..! St. Thomas wrote that “bodily pleasures are often more intense than intellectual pleasures, but they are not so great or so lasting” and that is true, but surely doesn’t mean we should ignore the God-given bodily ones.

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