December 30, 2003

Annual Video Meliora Blog Awards (held 12/20/03 in London)

Nominees mill about...Jeff Miller on the left, nominated for "Best Blog 2003"


Best Musical Accompaniment to Guinness-Drinking:

And...the award goes to....Yes! Patty Loveless for "Mountain Soul". Congratulations Patty.

Patty accepting her award


Best Film

Lawd of the Rings, Return of the King. The competition was light because I don't see too many movies. A close second was "The Last Samurai" (I do see a lot around Christmas).

Underdressed director Peter Jackson accepts award


Best Book Read in 2003

"East of Eden" by John Steinbeck

Overdressed John Steinbeck posthumously accepts award


Best Adult Beverage Other than Guinness

Spaten Dunkel


Best Gaelic Blog of 2003

Dia dhuit!


Best Catlicker Blog of 2003

Whoa, an upset! The award goes to non-homo sapian for the first time: Reginald, the Tiger Quoll.

Cousin "Mouthy" accepts on Reginald's behalf


Books Also Honored

Also liked "Drop City" by TC Boyle. I'm savoring "The Life You Save" by Paul Elie. Preversely, I tend to not read the books I most want to because, as George Strait sings, you've got to have that ace in the hole.

And as Jessica of Bookslut fame wrote:

"Everyone is offering up their end of the year lists. I know it's the expected thing to do, but I'm going to have to pass. Books are not like movies or CDs for me. I could easily offer you a list of my favorite movies of the year, as I compulsively try to see movies their opening weekend. But when new books arrive at my house, they tend to get shelved (or in my current apartment, stacked to precarious heights) to be drawn down on a whim. Perhaps in ten
years I can tell you what the best books in 2003 were."

I'm also loving "Habit of Being" - the letters of Flannery O'Connor.

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