December 22, 2003

That Which Does Not Kill Us...

Bill of Summa Minutiae feels the love from St. Linus Review. Perhaps they've seen the spam poetry that has found its way on this blog, for I've not been similarly blessed. This, of course, makes me want to write better spam poetry. Inspiration is not something you can will, but I'll try now. I will not compromise my craftlessness for a shot at St. Linus Review.


To the regathering sea
we traveled far to see
and strained our nets
the sand's poor bets
to find our shells sans fee.

To the replenishing screen
I travel near to scream
and strain my net
for just one catch
of something that isn't obscene.

2 Thin of Skin Update: I have since been asked to mention St. Linus Review. I can't rule out that it was a "mercy invite".

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