December 22, 2004

Bury My Heart at Widener's Knee

Ich habe ein unusual hunger for reading lately. One book triggers the fetch of another, usually to compare and contrast the argument of one author against another. And, unfortunately, fiction is denied its rightful pride of place (it ought come second only to spiritual reading).

So I've been taken by Twomey's "The End of Irish Catholicism?" (who argues that Irish Catholicism of memory is neither Irish nor particularly Catholic), Alain de Botton's "Status Anxiety", Fr. Catoir's "Enjoy the Lord: A Path to Contemplation", Andrew Greeley's "The Jesus Myth", Fischer's "Albion's Seed", Percy's "The Moviegoer", Updike's "Early Stories"...Russo, soon.

Four Food Groups of Reading:

1) Religion
2) Fiction (i.e. the deep-imprint beauty of words ala Updike or Percy)
3) Humor (i.e. Russo, David Lodge, Keillor)
4) History (i.e. how we got the way we got)

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