December 26, 2004

Interesting drive to & from Cincy

I-71 was a nightmare rouge. Took 3 hours to go 2 hours (say like Yogi Berra) on Christmas Eve. So on the return trip I took I-75N to I-70W.

I-70 was studded with diamond-hard ice patches, not flat but 3-dimensional, abrupt little spikes that gave the shocks a workout. There were sudden backups since no one expects to go from 60 mph to 30 at the drop of a icicle. And it took a toll. I saw four or five vehicles lying on their sides, looking like relics of the Paleolithic Era. How odd to see cars so un-carlike! "Car-ness" is motion, it is what cars do, and to see cars neither in motion nor in "motion potential" (as a stopped car has) is odd. Instead trucks the size of tiny houses lay like beached whales amid snow banks riddled with the dark stain of exhaust, their undersides showing, their windows kissing the white ground.

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