December 16, 2004

Prayer of the Confederates

I'm slogging my way through biographies of the major players on the Confederate side of the Civil War. After reading of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson & Robert E. Lee, Cooper's Jefferson Davis:American is a bit of a letdown.

Last night I read about how Davis' intelligent and charming wife said she was praying for Confederate successes but she feared her "righteousness does not my prayers avail."

There are a couple ways to look at this I think. One is that you have to have confidence in your prayers regardless of your "righteousness". That's not to say you have to think you are righteous but merely that your prayers do avail. Prayer without confidence is sort of oxymoronic.

The second thought is that righteousness might be best expressed as wanting the will of God, so perhaps the righteous choose their prayer targets correctly. They are so aligned with God's will that they pray for that which is in accord with it.

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