May 29, 2005

The Bane of Spring, Summer, Fall and Early Winter

I see the inevitability in sounding like a curmudgeon. But if there's one thing that really grates on me about spring is that horrible tune the Ice Cream man plays as he makes his rounds.

And makes his rounds he does. When I was a kid we got maybe five visits a summer if we were lucky. Now the truck comes around pert near every other day. Doesn't matter that it's April and 50 degrees with a 30 degree wind chill, there's the ice cream man playing that maddening tune at the decibel level of the average jackhammer. You can hear him three neighborhoods over.

This can be explained by a few trends. First, we've become much more of a service industry, and mr. ice cream is yet another service. Second, parents can no longer direct the word "no" to children and still remain on speaking terms with them. Third, ice cream isn't just for breakfast anymore - it's become recognized as one of the four major food groups. That must be true since there are three ice cream joints within a mile of my home and someone must be buying.

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