May 16, 2005

Book O'licious

Memed by Julie of the winsomely named blog and arguably the most likeable person in St. Blogland. (Speaking of memes, regarding that earlier one about things I "just don't get" I forgot one: the voluminous bedrooms of the 3000+ square foot McMansions that are popular now. You could fit an Olympic-sized pool in some of the master bedrooms. I mean, I can understand a big living room. But bedroom? I don't even want to know what people do in rooms that size.)
Total Number of Books I’ve Owned: Somewhere north of 3,000. Not many by Steven Riddle standards, but enough to encourage rootedness since the thought of moving them leaves me underwhelmed.

Last Book I Bought: Dom Cuthbert Butler's history of the first Vatican Council. (Couldn't find "Thomists Are From Mars, Augustinians from Venus" else I'd probably gotten that.)

Last Book I Read: Mr. Blue – Myles Connolly

5 Books that mean a lot to me: An impossible question. I'll expand it a bit. Since the bible & the catechism are everyone's list I'll assume they transcend the category.

The Correspondence of Walker Percy & Shelby Foote - Tolsen, ed.

Old Thunder – A Life of Hilaire Belloc - Joseph Pearce

Lost in the Cosmos - W. Percy

Sun Dancing - Geoffrey Moorhouse

The Circle Dancers - Diana Der-Hovanessian

Rome Sweet Home - Hahn

The Secret of the Rosary - St. Louis De Monfort

Stonewall Jackson - James Robertson

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