May 13, 2005

Fictional Friday
"I just got in this to write about it, to experience it. I don't care about being Trump's apprentice," I told my brother at a family gathering. "I'm thinking of just walking off the set. I'm going to get killed in the boardroom. We're down to six and I can't hide anymore. I can't just do a decent job on the tasks and survive by being small. He's going to say, 'you've never been project leader for ten tasks! You've never volunteered for anything! Why are you here?'."

"Just go in there and schmooze and be political. That's what he's looking for."

"You know I can't smooze. A decent handshake is as good as I can manage - after that it's inevitably downhill."

"Look you made it this far-"

"I don't want to trash the family name."

"It'll be more embarrassing to the family if you walk off the set! You don't think they won't spend a lot of air time on that?"

"You may be right but the more I fight in the boardroom the more obvious it will be that I have no case to make and the more ridiculous I'll look."

"You wanted to to experience, to observe, to write. Why would you pass up the boardroom!? Why would you pass on the experience of hearing Donald Trump say, 'You're fired!'? For that reason alone you should go."

"Well, okay. I guess. But it's not going to be pretty... and you're going to be infamous by association!"

"That's what family's for. At least since Adam & Eve.

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