May 18, 2005

Good Cop, Bad Cop

(-a parody, not available in stores!-)

Need a good spiritual pick-me-up? Too cheap to spring for the hundred bucks that most retreat centers ask? Then experience the pleasure/pain of a Blog RetreatTM with retreat masters Hans & Franz! They will Pump You Up!

Hans & Franz took their show on the virtual road three years ago. They call it "Good Cop, Bad Cop": Hans will flatten your psyche and harden your abs with his x-ray vision of your sins and the sins of others. Got a problem with presumption? Come to Hans bebe! Armed with a stiletto pen and a razor mind, he'll remind you of the depravity of self and mankind.

Got a problem with despair? Come to Franz, who as the good cop sees God's mercy as truly powerful and not just something buried in the fine print. Armed with a spirituality that recognizes the desert and can find water there, Franz will help you see not only yourself but also others as God's children.

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