May 20, 2005

Now I Want To Read It

Sometimes I try to play book matchmaker, a practice that has resulted in success most often with my mother. Not so impressive - I know her so well that's akin to saying "hey, I can pick out great books for me". Whooo ee!

But still, I take some pride in a recent home run for Mother's Day. I got her this book, which she is now reading a third time. The basic story is that an atheist was converted to Christianity after a near-death experience. (He became a protestant minister, so now Mom can say that I don't only give her Catholic books - she's far more ecumenically-minded than me, listening to Joyce Meyer more than anything on EWTN.)

She called the other day to say that now my sister now wants to read it because her pastor at St. Susanna recommended it during his homily. He even read the final page to the congregation!

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