May 22, 2005

Random Thoughts

Overheard a remarkable comment from Fr. George W. Kosicki, the editor of this book, describing an odd-sounding phrase in Pope John Paul's encyclical on mercy in which he said that our mercy should extend to Christ. Have mercy on Jesus!? Fr. Kosicki went on to briefly say that what is the Stations of the Cross and similar devotions but reparations that speak to that point?

* * *

Concerning John Paul & Benedict: both saintly, brilliant writers and thinkers, but I'm amazed by how well they complement each other. Benedict's more accessible to me because he's more modern, less mystical, less optimistic and more practical. But on sexual ethics Ratzinger has little to say while JPII was the master. These two have been so providential, a sort of Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig, for the Church.

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