May 19, 2005

To Tune "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"
You don’t check my license
You must think I'm middle-aged
You hardly card me anymore
When I enter the pub
At the end of the day.

I remember when...
You couldn’t wait to card me
You thought my ID was fake
You said I looked seventeen
when I was plenty lean.

Well it’s good for you barkeep,
it's saving you time
When you just serve me Guinness
And you don’t check my ID anymore

It used to be so natural,
I thought you'd card forever,
but used to be's don't count anymore
not when even short jogs make me sore.

And barkeep I remember
before I got a few grays
before I got very far
into O'Malley's bar
my youth would jar--
...but you don't check my license anymore.

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