May 25, 2005

Vintage Post Sale

In order to cut costs without sacrificing quality, I've decided to inaugurate a new feature here at VMPDS. "Vintage Post Sale" will reprint an oldie but goodie free of charge. Here's a post originally aired back in September 2003:
Kathy Defends an Ass! at 11

"The only thing I would quibble with (both then and now) is the defamation of the character of Balaam's ass. Balaam's ass was the instrument of the Lord; her speech was supernaturally produced!"

Other colorful KTC quotes include:

"I did inform one young lady that she was on 'the bullet train to hell'".

"In my little sphere, though, I'm not asked so much to give advice; rather, I end up hearing presentations of the cultural values of my seeker friends (and they ARE friends, not merely curiosities or my version of 'the white man's burden')."

"...thyme’s always short."
- Gregg the Obscure

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