June 29, 2005

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The last couple of months have been crazy...Dylan has been taking care of me, had heart attack and surgery... and on top of all this I moved..just recently...Dylan is doing good...we both thank everyone for all there prayers..don't give up on him..he has been my right arm since March.. thank you again. - Dylan's (of "more last than star") mom

RCIA, he said, stood for Repelling Catholics In-Advertently. - Dawn Eden, (despite that, congrats to Dawn for entering RCIA!)

Her father died when she was three. Her mother remarried to a non-Catholic man who you find in the story in another place was an alcoholic. All of this provides an interesting backdrop to her fight against the "patriarchy" of the Church. Then there is her bout with polio when she first entered into religious life. Take all of this as a whole then add to it her views against the miraculous, the power of God to intervene...what you are left with is a very human religion of Sr. Joan. Why is she allowed a stage to share this religion with bishops, priests, religious, and laity? This best can be explained by the lack of faith that she enunciates so well for those who think like her. Why do they stay in the Church? Security. - Michael of Annunciations, regarding Sr. Joan Chittister and her recent book

"Hey, this isn't going to kill the mystique is it?" - Elena of My Domestic Church to her husband, during the birth of their child as the doctor pointed out 'anatomical details' to him

I went to a poet's meeting on a whim a few years ago and the main topic of interest was how to copyright your poems. Some people, back then anyway, were sending their poems into the copyright office, others were mailing their poems to themselves to secure the post office date stamp. They were all worried about sending poetry off to editors who would steal it for themselves. I asked them why they bothered since even good poetry isn't worth a dime and magazines only pay in copies to up their circulation numbers anyway... That didn't go over very well. - Dan of "Lofted Nest"

Speaking as one born into abject poverty (by American standards at least) I have to admit, in my own adulthood, I was far less happy making $60k than I am barely clearing $12k. My life is so much better now that I own a little stuff, instead of being owned by a lot of stuff. On the partisan economic thing, I admit I have always bristled at leftists talking about the poor. Capitalists may not have the right solution, but they do tend to at least see poor folks as capable folks and that means a lot to me. Welfare, as practised in the West, can be soul-deadening.- commenter on Disputations

I'd like to propose [St. John the Baptist] for patron saint of the Internet. John was a herald, a man whose job it was to announce the coming of the King. In essence, that means he was a communicator, first and foremost. Also, that whole "baptism of repentence for the forgiveness of sins" was quite a contrast with what his father Zechariah was up to in the Temple (the "sacrificing of animals for the forgiveness of sins"). It shows he was open to "new technologies". Finally, he was quite a firebrand, so I think he'd be quite at home within the kinds of discussion that sometimes happens within the Internet. I can just see his ears perking up at the mention of a "flame war". - Fr. Dowd on St. Blog's Parish Hall

I plan to one day piss off all my relatives and friends (as well as random St. Bloggers, I suppose) by writing a chapter-by-chapter analysis of that book [Christ the King, Lord of History] and why we're destroying our children's critical faculties and opening them up for a loss of faith, by using that book as the basis of their history education. - commenter on Amy's blog

Brave New World is relentlessly taught at schoolchildren as a warning and yet our society grows more and more like it with each passing decade. Subliminal brainwashing of children on a national scale?? - commenter on Jimmy Akin's site about the "Most Dangerous Books Ever Written"

MOM, turning to me, deadpan: I'm beginning to side with Rev. Phelps. - Dawn Eden report after hearing Billy Graham mentioning Hilary Clinton running the country

Everyone has a conversion story these days; even cradle Catholics, since no one perseveres in the faith from childhood anymore...I was raised in a very devout Baptist home myself. Due to my pride and vanity it almost seems the only way I could be made receptive to the Faith was to languish in dreadful wickedness for a time, so that I could begin to see I needed something far greater than myself. We’ve all went through it, each in our own way. Our lives literally rot away from the inside until something new and beautiful can be made to spring forth from within us...This time a mature faith that, with God’s grace, can face the very world that killed our innocence and wonder the first time. - Franklin Jennings as quoted on "Hallowed Ground"

The RC understanding of baptism and its relation to faith is quite different from the evangelical perspective. In short, the baptized Catholic coming forward in a Graham Crusade would not be taught that she, indeed, has had a relationship with Christ since her baptism. The Catholic understanding of John 3 is pretty much totally related to baptism as the beginning of life in Christ, and officially buying into the Graham interpretation would be strange. - Amy Welborn

Forgiveness [is] all of a piece with God's love. It's not something extra or optional. If God is love, if God is God, then God is forgiveness, and He will forgive all of us everything....For a Christian to forgive is not for him to say, "I forgive you your offenses against me," but, "God forgives you your offences against Him." Christian forgiveness is no more a juridical act, fundamentally, than is Christ's forgiveness. It is an act of evangelism, a proclamation of the Gospel, and to whom are we not to evangelize? - Tom of Disputations

Joy is a sign if a healthy spirituality. How many Catholics do you find that are really joyless, and that joylessness is not confined to either liberals or conservatives, but exists on both ends of the spectrum. (There are a number of blogs that seem absent of joy—or a sense of humor—which illustrate the point adequately.) ... So 'laugh away to your heart’s content. Be as merry as you you please.' [Blessed Jordan of Saxony] - Dom of Bettnet.com

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