June 21, 2005

He Knew Too Little But Trusted Much

One of the reasons I love the Bill Murray movie (I’ll resist saying ‘vehicle’) The Man Who Knew Too Little is that everything Murray's character does is inadvertent. He is completely clueless and unaware of the danger he is in but somehow he manages to escape disaster, unlike his prideful know-it-all brother.

How like our story! We are clueless of most of the dangers we face. If we had any idea of our true fragility we wouldn’t get up in the morning (which reminds me of what Peter Kreeft wrote in his book about angels: if we had any concept of the power of prayer and how its effects resonate through the centuries we’d be paralyzed to the point of never rising from our knees).

Yet we somehow barely escape disasters because God protects even the ignorant. Bill Murray's character is a trusting child (in the good sense, i.e. child-like) and that is what Our Lord said we must be in order to see Heaven.

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