June 27, 2005

Remembering "Moonlight" Graham
No wonder it took quite awhile for his story to get around -- and for author W.P. Kinsella to make Graham a part of the poetry and romance that celebrate the lore and lure of baseball.

More than a decade after Graham died in 1965, the prize-winning author was leafing through the Baseball Encyclopedia that his father-in-law had given him a few days earlier. Among the listings for every player and their lifetime statistics, Kinsella came across something that stopped him.

"I found this entry for Moonlight Graham. How could anyone come up with that nickname? He played one game but did not get to bat. I was intrigued, and I made a note that I intended to write something about him,'' he said.

A few years later, he did. His 1982 novel Shoeless Joe was adapted into the film Field of Dreams in 1989, and Moonlight was reborn.

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