June 22, 2005

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Keep your eyes on the crucifix, for Jesus without the cross is a man without a mission, and the cross without Jesus is a burden without a reliever. - Fulton J. Sheen of Heaven

My parents were very strict about music with us when we were growing up. We weren't alowed to listen to anything my parents thought would disorder our souls... which I guess meant, anything that would add more troubles to our day then the day itself had decreed sufficient...I also remember being flummoxed repeatedly by my high school friends increasingly darker attitudes and perspectives. The music was always with them - on the bus, at their parties, on their alarms, in all their free-time, and they kept getting more glassy-eyed and rebellious as they got more and more into Pink Floyd, Metallica, Black Sabbath, etc...We had lots of music in the house, but it was happy music... But the happy music we had in our lives warded off any resentment we might have otherwise nurtured. Music is very important. The songs in your heart can give you either inner hope and joy, or inner meaninglessness and cynicism. I always marvel how parents can just shrug off what their kids are listening to. - Quote from "Church of the Masses" via Amy Welborn

When we hear someone speak of what is true or good, we brace ourselves for the implied imperative to change our lives. We don't like that. But beauty, well, we already seek beauty....beauty connotes no fear of punishment; we go straight to enjoyment of the pleasure we derive from it. That would be a strictly limited submission to authority, limited by the duration and quantity of pleasure we experience, until and unless we advance to the third stair, of filial love for the Beauty Who created us. - Tom of Disputations

Perhaps it's like putting up a statue of Tonto, the Loan Ranger's Indian sidekick at Wounded Knee -- just how would that go over? - Falcon of "Lofted Nest", on news that a statue of the Bewitched sitcom is going up in Salem, Mass

May I please,please,please count the four Haynes auto repair manuals I own for each of the cars? They're not exactly leisure reading but I do read them, and in precisely the way they were designed to be read. I caught a friend reading The DaVinci Code the other day (he's a mechanic, incidentally) and I'm sure he would be allowed to count it among the books he owns. But a Haynes auto repair manual is a far more worthy work for a number of reasons: first, it actually imparts accurate and useful knowledge; second, it does not consciously mislead you (tell lies); third, it does not presume to know what it cannot know but deals only with the facts at hand; fourth, it has no designs on destroying that which you hold most dear (your religion) but would in fact help you preserve that which you hold most dear (your car); fifth, the prose is better; sixth, there will be no sequel. - Bill of Apologia, on "How Many Books Do You Own" meme

Over the past 24 hours, my total ‘hits per day’ count has inexplicably risen by one. - Thomas of ER, in a post tited "For That Special Someone.."

Our parents weren't 'the greatest generation' -- we're the worst. That 'greatest generation' stuff is sheer Yuppie self-serving: we call our parents 'great' to imply that we're normal, when in fact they were normal and we're a bunch of self-absorbed cowardly gits." - Cacciaguida. (Git?)

[The book of] Job is a comedy – the status quo is not restored, but he’s given a hundred-fold of what he started with. Think of the great story of the Bible as a whole, how it starts in a Garden, but finishes in a grand City with a Garden in the middle, the Tree of Life prominently given for all to enjoy. - Thomas of ER

The humidity is so high that breathing is considered aerobic exercise.- m'Lynn of "Scattershot Direct" on summer Texas weather

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