June 30, 2005

Various & Sundry

Ham of Bone's latest. So true. I recall being in a Border's purchasing Augustine's "City of God" when the young clerk apparently thought it was a gnostic gospel. He said "now this is a book I'd read. You know the Catholic Church suppressed books like the 'Gospel of Thomas' for centuries." Where do you even begin?


And an interesting paragraph from National Review:
Some people regard Sharansky as a providential figure, spared death in the Gulag to perform his work now. What does he think? “I long ago stopped asking myself whether God gives us a mission or we give ourselves a mission, in an effort to be worthy of God.” He recalls the prayer that he invented for himself in prison, and mutters a little of it: “Grant me the strength, the power, the intelligence . . . and the patience to leave this jail and reach the Land of Israel in an honest and worthy way.”

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