December 20, 2005

Blogger Wakes to Find He's the "New Gay"

LOGAN, OH-- Blogger T.S. O'Rama woke up this morning and learned that he's the 'new gay', meaning hip and fashionable.

"I'm a middle-aged white heterosexual male, which is four strikes against me. But now I'm hip because I have a blog. My children even look up to me despite all the brainwashing of movies and TV shows that show middle-aged white fathers as bumbling idiots. But now I'm cool because I have a blog!"

Some cool people would beg to differ.

Fashion designer John Stevens says that bloggers are "introverted nerds" and that blogging is already past its prime.

"The notice of the mainstream media was the kiss of death for blogging, just like when the fat guy at high school gets the earring in his left ear and goes around reciting 'right is wrong, left is right!'"

But Hollywood star Holly Huntress said that bloggers are so uncool they might be cool, in the same way those with far right politics tend to look almost leftist.

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