December 16, 2005

Cat Actions

I make no apologies for this post since, as you know, the quality of posts at VMPDS decreases as the week wears on. Call it entropy but don't call me late to to dinner (rimshot!). But my wife has such a rich vocabulary when it comes to describing the actions and reactions of our cat that I'm sure you'll agree it deserves to be recorded for posterity's sake:
Head butt - cats, like high school football players, go around head-butting humans and various pieces of furniture for no apparent reason

Breadmaker - this is when they knead dough with their front paws, where the "dough" is a blanket, a pillow, or your groin

Long paw - this is when the cat lays down but has one paw lazily distended

Winky eyes - when they close their eyes and slowly re-open them in a sign that they approve of you and will let you keep them. For now.

Newspaper Assistant - this is the uncanny ability of cats to find the newspaper article you're reading at the breakfast table and set up camp there

Spleen - aka 'kitty spleen', this is when they make a sudden, inexplicable dash ending in a madcap Kramer-like "ta - da!" pose

Sabing - etymological root is 'saber saw', this when the cat drags its saber (canine) tooth against you

Commando puss - this is when you pet the cat and it dips low to avoid the petting, like a commando action figure

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