December 14, 2005

Ch-Ch-Cha-Changes... (sing to David Bowie tune)

It's interesting how the personalities or roles of the apostles and saints changed after their conversions.

Paul, having been a Pharisee, becomes the anti-Pharisee, preaching faith instead of the works of Torah.

Peter, having been given tremendous authority but having failed to be a leader during the crucifixion by his betrayal of Christ, took such care not to lord it over his flock that one Baptist pastor told me that Peter didn't have authority since he so exercised it so sparingly.

Augustine, having been sexually promiscuous, became the champion of chastity, such that some think he went too far.

John, the apostle who wants to bring down fire from heaven for smote-ing purposes, becomes the apostle of love.

Mary and John the Baptist both seem to have had nothing to react against. One conceived without sin and the other gifted with the Spirit while in the womb, there seems a sublime consistency.

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