December 19, 2005

Contra Snideness

Snidely Whiplash

"Still, we aren't going to be snide here and say, 'Oh, so what?' about the fact that our separated brethren want to stop going to church on Christmas, as though because they did not have the Mass anyway, they were just going through meaningless motions. Every step away from Catholic practice that our Protestant brothers and sisters take just widens the already sad division in the Body of Christ. The Catholic Church rejoices with every piece of Catholic truth and remnant of Catholic practice that remains within the Protestant faith communities, seeing those things as areas of agreement in a common heritage of faith upon which we can build greater unity. So this development, which I think will spread, is an unhappy one. If they can close the church on a day when Christmas falls on Sunday, they are unlikely to open the doors when Christmas falls on another day of the week." - Mary Kochan
(Via Ten Reasons)

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