December 09, 2005

I really shouldn't... reading this. It defines the phrase "guilty pleasure". It's the sort of book you don't want to give to those more or less pious than yourself, which tends to narrow the field. I had resisted buying it for several months because I thought the book would be too jejune and sophomoric for me. What did Emerson say about knowing thyself?
On the Carmelite Order: "The order's initials are O.C.D. That's Providence, not coincidence."

On John of the Cross: "John doesn't even address the soul steeped in worldliness and struggling with ordinary sins; he assumes that his readers are already pious, devout and perfectly orthodox. Having narrowed his audience down to a sliver, he proceeds to warn them of all the further dangers they'll face on the road to God..."

On St. Joseph: "the Rodney Dangerfield of saints"

Regarding Our Lady of Guadalupe feast: "The religious dogmas of the Aztecs were so dark and pessimistic, they make the Left Behind books seem appealing."

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