December 12, 2005

Jesus Yes, But Hold the Miracles

Amy writes about a Harper's article portraying a man who's lost his faith. She asks why those who don't believe in Christ feel the need to fabricate a version that is so banal and contra-historical?

It's a good question. What's in it for them? And why is it so predictable that Harper's would publish an article like this? Why is it unthinkable that they would publish an article promoting faith in Christ?

Perhaps because if Christ performed miracles then He has power. If He has power, then he might have power over us. It's in the interest of stridently secular publications to weaken faith in a powerful Christ because that has political ramifications, which, in the absence of God, is all they've got. Undermining Christian faith is a way to eliminate an argument in the public square, therefore having one less voice (that of Christ) to contend with. If God offers only fortune cookie bromides then it would seem we're in control.

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