December 21, 2005

Tempted By the Book of Another

Library Things allows all the sensations of being nosy without any of the discomfort of being observed being nosy. Which reminds me: I often wish I'd paid more notice to the books of my great aunt and uncle when I was a kid. I wonder where their books are now.

30% of my books have yet to be listed by anyone else. I except that to drop and it'll be interesting to see which 10 or 5% will be left.

One wag writes humorously says
"I joined LibraryThing for the chicks."
Another writes:
"The books in my house have now been catalogued (barring the possible discovery of a few forgotten here and there, lost among my wife's books or behind bookcases), for a provisional total of 3,978. Don't weep for my not reaching the 4,000 mark..."
I won't.

One guy had the bright idea of adding books he wants, thus presumably preventing his save list from overflowing.

Another quotes his daughter:
This is the last paragraph from an essay my 12 year old daughter Beth wrote on "What I Am Thankful For".
"Last, but not by any means whatsoever least, I am thankful for books. Not only my books, any books. Reading is magical. When I read a book, I am taken from my own little world and plunged into someone else’s. I forget all my problems, so absorbed am I in someone else’s. Many times am I reminded that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. A book is often better than the cover reveals, like expecting vanilla and getting chocolate. Sometimes, I am swept away into the book. I can see the diamond dragon burst through the waterfall, aim my arrows at invading Calormenes, and see for myself Aslan the Great Lion."

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