January 18, 2006

Narnia & 24

Camassia enjoyed Narnia, with a few caveats including: "the sacrifice of Aslan is about as subtle as a piano dropped on your head." Funny line. I found the film similarly enjoyable and well worth seeing but I don't recall being as moved as I was by the latest episode of the television show 24. Jack in some ways seems more inspiring and Christ-like than Aslan, even though the show's obviously not intended to be allegorical of anything.

Unlike Aslan, a Christ figure we can't completely identify with because, well, he's a lion (yes, it's an allegory and not a documentary), Jack Bauer is a flesh and blood human being. In Sunday's show we meet a surly teenage boy who drinks orange juice out of the carton, in direct defiance of his mother's order. In short, a sinner, though more unlikeable in his attitude and demeanor than actual sins. He doesn't trust Jack, doesn't think Jack has his or his mother's best interests in mind. Yet in episode two, while the boy is yet a sinner, Bauer lays down his life and surrenders himself to the bad guys in order to save Derek's life. Though Bauer underwent no passion, nothing close to the experience of Aslan, he did experience helplessness without a "loophole": Bauer is saved only by grace working through another human being, in the form of the completely unexpected arrival of an officious government minder with an eye for detail. Reading Jack's transcripts, he correctly identifies "flank 2" as a sign that Bauer was feeding them bad information under duress. And so CTU was able to get the bad guys. (Okay so it's a stretch...I just wanted to talk about 24 a bit.)

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