January 18, 2006

Quin Hillyer in latest NR
[Fred] Barnes and Bush both credit that mainstream American culture with more wisdom than the elites possess. That’s why it’s disappointing that both of them seem to think the broader culture doesn’t care much about fiscal responsibility. I believe they are wrong. Barnes dismisses “small-government conservatism” as a “theology” and its goals as a “fantasy.” But John McCain, who for better or worse is no slouch at discerning the zeitgeist, has become ever louder in calling for spending restraint, and the fiscally conservative Republican Study Committee is for good reason becoming increasingly powerful on Capitol Hill. The realization is growing that plenty of red-state Americans still believe that the phrase “small-government conservatism” is a redundancy, and “big-government conservatism” not just an oxymoron but an affront.

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