February 19, 2006

The High Cost of Sin & Unforgiveness

Kate Michelman. Hugh Hefner. What do they have in common? Besides both being advocates for policies that cause great societal harm, in the past both were greatly sinned against.

In the beginning Hefner was happily married and wanted nothing more than a normal family life. That is, until he found out his wife was cheating on him and the marriage ended. Greatly despondent, he came out of the experience much changed and began to preach a gospel of hedonism, seeking sexual satisfaction without commitment or responsibility.

Kate Michelman was married with three children and any sort of activism was the last thing on her mind. But then her husband abandoned her, leaving with her with three children and one on the way. She decided to end the life of the child in her womb, vowing "never to be humiliated again" and became a leader in pro-abortion movement.

So both were sinned against, and both would not forgive those who hurt them. And we - all of us - live with the repercussions today, showing again that no sin is private, including the sin of refusing to forgive.

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