February 21, 2006

Various & Sundry...

1) I'm enjoying Masterpiece Theatre's Bleak House, though with all the cognitive dissonance one would expect to see in a conservative enjoying publically funded television.

2) This just in: It appears reports of winter's demise were premature.

3) I suppose, for someone who hasn't been robbed, the closest experience to highway robbery is one of those speed traps where a lack of signs fail to notify you of a decreased speed limit. But, on the other hand, it goes for the good cause of feeding policeman families.

4) Many a romance begins by projecting all virtue upon your potential spouse while being blind to flaws. A milder case of this seems to adhere to politicians, where I apparently see virtues in Bush that others don't, and contrarily see nothing good in a Kerry or Clinton where others do.

5) A good thing about the St. Blog Awards is the introduction of new bloggers. A bad thing is that by allowing multiple votes you allow those with the most time on their hands to unduly impact the results.

6) A priest on the gospel of Mark where Jesus says "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod": "That is, beware of lawlessness - Herod - and lawFULLness - the Pharisees."

7) If love = sacrifice and sacrifice = suffering, then doesn't love = suffering?

8) Shopping, for the male, is akin to death. The Kubler-Ross' Five stages of death and dying applied to shopping:
  • Denial and isolation: "This is not happening to me. My clothes are not threadbare and there is food in the pantry."

  • Anger: "I'm so angry at myself for not going to Sam's Club last time and buying in bulk!"

  • Bargaining: "Please, just don't allow these jeans to rip any further and I'll shop next weekend."

  • Depression: "I can't bear this. I have to go shopping."

  • Acceptance: "I'm ready. to. go. shopping."
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