July 20, 2006


This is exactly what Hezbollah wanted. You hear that. And you heard Osama bin Laden was delighted when we reacted by going into Afghanistan after 9/11. It's what they want. That's true, and it's hard to get your head around it. They want destruction, even to their own country and friends. And a few "martyrs" don't even mind it happening to themselves.

Bill White asks how you make a truce with evil. Good question. They want destruction. Saddam Hussein believed he won the Gulf War because he was still in power afterwards. He, like many terrorist types, defines success or failure in strictly personal terms. If the country is ruined, well at least I'm still enjoying life. Hussein never thought the U.S. was a serious risk because he never thought we'd be willing to go to Baghdad. In other words, we'd never get him. The calculus goes on. They hide in mosques, willing to put innocents at risk because it increases their own chances of success. I don't know what the answer is but I'm suddenly understanding better why Israel wanted a land "buffer" against her enemies. Hezbollah sets up camp just over the border and sends rockets, so now Israel tries to push 'em back fifty or sixty miles...Talk about the need for constant vigilance!

For our Games Politicians Play file: Sam Donaldson was on the radio this morning saying that Condi Rice was going over to the Middle East when the war was over. If she went now and the war continued, there would be egg on our face. This seems a bit odd. If you send a peacemaker over after peace has been established, how does the peacemaker get any credit for it? Not that credit is the purpose of peacemaking but why go over there at all if you're doing what you can at home?

The bigger oddity is no one has ever been able to bring peace to the Middle East in like forever, so how could it possibly be seen as a failure in the world's eyes? It's like saying a scientist has egg on his face because he can't figure out how to time travel. It's good to try, and with respect to peace you have to try, but it's certainly no onus on you if you fail.

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