July 27, 2006

My Child, My " "

Below is my 'homage to suburbia', which I believe is French for 'a salute to the suburbs'. It's a minimalistic rendering of an asphalt street, so minimalistic the official name of the piece is " " because untitled is actually a title. Think about it*.

" " (2006)
What I was trying to do was make a statement about suburban values via light, shadows, street, and clumped three-day old grass cuttings flattened by numerous car tires. The composition and interplay of shadows is intentional; to get the shot took a team of three people six weeks. And the prima donnas we dealt with! The paper carrier laughed and mocked, the neighbors turned their sprinklers on and soaked our digital expert's faux designer shirt while also ruining that day's shot. Tis true that no artist is honored in his own bedroom community.

We experimented with shutter speeds and filters while waiting for the sun to slant at exactly the right angle. We had traffic delays (starving artists can't afford worker's comp for crew accidents). We endured bad food, a lack of beer, and the discomfort of aggressive "special assault" mosquitos.

I think you'll agree that the results were worth the effort**, or rather you'll be impressed enough with the work that went into it to want to pay money for it. After all no one wants to purchase something that took two seconds to create!

A matted copy is $2,199.12, two for $4,398.24. Visa and Paypal accepted. Offer prohibited where prohibited.

* - or, for you computer nerds, ""
** - bad art ain't kilt no one yet

Obligatory Disclaimership: This particular post was not a comment on Steven Riddle/Tom Kreitzberg/Zippy's discussion on aesthetics. It was rather a way for me to introduce a photo (which took two seconds to compose & snap) taken on my recent photo journey.

Update: Steven Riddle emails:
I don't know if it rises to art, but I really like shadows and ordinary topics, and this one, with the stain that looked like dried vomit makes an ironic statement about suburbia that really would be worthy of a Frida Kahlo or a Ralph Vanderzeizen.
My price is now $5,182.99 for a matted version...

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