July 17, 2006

Various &/or Sundry

Risk, like pornography, would seem to be in the eye of the beholder. While I often risk riding my (unmotorized) bicycle without helmet, I cringe when I see motorcyclists do the same. The Roethlisberger Effect might well be muted since about 10 of the last 12 cyclists I've seen weren't wearing helmets.

I am transfixed by this post, a sort of hyp-mo-tizing call & response that is especially entertaining if you're not among the participants. I especially liked the "You DO NOT deserve the movies" part, which I mentally translate as "You DO NOT deserve this blog". The comments are excellent too. Tom writes, "It's a bit sad to see Zippy descend to "guns of the police"-level cant, but at least he does so on a point he's mistaken on anyway." Devastating. Kathy zooms in with "I never would have pegged you for such a philistine." Can scotch drinkers ever be philistines? Or is it only those who read Aquinas?

On a serious note, I pray ol' KTC is doing well. Her virtual imprisonment continues.

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