December 14, 2006

Premature Giftulation?

In the annals of blogdom this post might rank with the most trivial, but my wife recently bought me a Christmas present that she can't wait to give me. She says it's the best ever and that I'll never guess what it is and I can really use it and.... She wanted to give it to me immediately, but I refused, traditionalist that I am. (When we were first married, in '99, we always seemed to give gifts weeks ahead of the birthday or event, so I suppose it's semi-traditional to give early.) But I said: "We have to wait till Christmas!" I have the proverbial mixed emotions because who wants to spoil or delay the joy of the giver? On the other hand, shouldn't we recall that gift-giving is about celebrating Jesus's birthday and thus should be on Christmas? On the third hand, how linked is gift-giving with Jesus anyway these days? Ponderous. Trivial, but ponderous.

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