January 04, 2007

Ohio's Greatest BloggersTM

I'm sure you've been asking yourself the question: "Who are the top Ohio bloggers?" Well the thought occurred to me too so I spent ten minutes considering the wealth of good bloggers concentrated in this slightly-better-than-average state. In no particular order let's explore a few:

An Examined Life: a professor at OU, one of Ohio's many fine colleges, Scott Carson goes deep and I'm not talking about OSU's wide receivers. I'm talking deep philosophical questions that only he and the Zippinator can discuss. (Okay, Tom K. and others.)

Ham o' Bone of "Social Engineer": Ham is a longtime writer, firsttime blogger. He devotes most of his energy to the former. My friend blogs very infrequently and for that reason his inclusion on this list will make it appear like what it obviously is: hopelessly biased.

Thomas of ER: the tabasco sauce of Ohio bloggers, Thomas of "Endlessly Rocking" loves to shock us. Spicy and opinionated, he's an intellectual but no pointy-headed intellectual. He finds something to love and hate in every Christian tradition.

My Domestic Church: defender of the Faith in inclement blog climes, Elena offers a daily entree of orthodoxy served up with side dishes such as the one she just recently hooked me up with - nutritiondata.com, a place to register your daily food items and see just how good (or bad) your diet is. In heaven, pizza and chocolate will score high. In heaven, Elena and her bête noire JCecil will lie down next to each other...Er, hey, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean in the sense of the lion lying down next to the lamb. But since both are lions perhaps that analogy doesn't work. Elena certainly proves that something good can come out of Cleveland.

Orthonormal Basis: Patrick is a bright, intellectual-type youth who drank too much on his last birthday. Ohio seems to have a goodly number of intellectual bloggers around, probably because the weather is so bad and there's nothing else to do. I could tell you what his blog title means but then I'd have to kill you.

Right Angle Blog: is one of the more fecund blogs in the blogiverse. In the lead-up to the '06 election debacle, this blog averaged four hundred posts a day. (I exaggerate, therefore I am.) As a source of news about the Ohio Republican Party and a place to vent about the increasingly desultory Dispatch, few are finer.

Ten Reasons: Rich Leonardi speaks sharply of the various and sundry outrages that man (used here in the sense of 'mankind' as he would want it) is heir to, most predictably that of liturgical and catechetical abuse we suffer here in the American church.

Aliens in this World: "Suburban Banshee" is a prolific Dayton blogger who maintains at least two blogs including one that features podcasts. Her tagline should be: "Come for the lovely voice and you'll stay for the edifying message." She definitely has the voice for podcasting.

My apologies to those I've left off either through invincible ignorance or just ignorance. The blogs above are listed on my left sidebar, or if they're not then they should be. (Such as Banshee's pod blog here, and Right Angle here.)

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Patrick of "Orthonormal Basis" is a California blogger. His aunt is an Ohioan so I mistakenly thought he lived here too. See I told you I spent ten minutes on this.

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