March 21, 2007

Talk Shows

Thomas Sowell talks about talk:
Talk shows began to fascinate me when I was a teenager, many years ago...Over the years I also began to listen to Meet the Press, and to watch David Susskind’s television roundtable program, Open End, and many others.

In more recent years, I can’t bear to watch most of the talk shows on television, and on radio I listen only to Rush Limbaugh and a couple of others. What has happened? Is it just my becoming ornery in my old age or have the programs themselves changed?
I used to listen to a lot of talk shows. Crossfire, Meet the Press, This Week with David Brinkley. Maybe I'm in a post-political phase of life, in the way women become post-menopausal, or maybe they've changed.

I might watch five minutes of This Week and maybe a little bit of O'Reilly from time to time. As a consequence I'm surely much less politically informed than in the past but given the minutiae that the shows indulge in - i.e. such as the Albert Gonzalez situation, the whole Plame joke, etc... - it means there's little apparent loss yet. And I figure the book Cobra II, concerning the Iraq War, is equivalent to listening to 1.2 million talking head hours.

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