March 28, 2007

What to Post

I was going to weigh in on this fine link about how modernists and traditionalists are similar. Then I was going to talk about this article concerning Mary: What If She'd Said No?

But then I thought: what is this blog's strength? Is it engaging in theological cunundrums? What (heaven forgive me) is this blog's mission statement? Perhaps: "To edify and entertain to the extent God and Guinness allow" - which has the added benefit of the double alliteration. So with that in mind let's record a slice of daily life as lived in these United States. (I recall submitting something to Reader's Digest's Life in These United States when I was a kid.)

Me, on cell phone to my wife:   "I predict you'll get home at 6:12pm."
She, on cell phone:   "I predict I'll get home at 6:25pm."
Me:   " probably know the time it takes better than I do."
She:   "It varies greatly depending on the traffic on Cemetery road."
Me:   "You know that's why they call it Cemetery road - the cars move so slow they're like stiffs..."
She:   (laughs)
Me:   "Like corpses...Not to beat a dead horse - hey, 'dead'!"
She:   "You're driving this into the ground!"
Me:   "Six feet under!?"

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