May 18, 2007

Blessed Margaret of Castello

She was "born a blind, lame, deformed, hunchback midget." There was, to paraphrase the Suffering Servant text in Isaiah, nothing to attract us to her.

And yet you see a bit of how just as we tame the gospel by making it all about health & wealth & getting, we change the image of this physically unattractive saint:

  to this:  

(Even the first image is probably very kind.) But the funny thing is, there IS a lot to attract us to her - her virtues and her great love:
Despite her miseries, Blessed Margaret of Castello was serene, cheerful and courageous. She never became bitter, never complained, never reproached others or lost heart. Discouragement was a word she did not know. She found strength in prayer, in daily Mass, in Holy Communion and sought help from Jesus, Mary, Joseph and St. Dominic.
Never reproached others! Amazing. She whom her parents were ashamed of to the point of abandoning her and leaving her homeless never reproached others.

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