May 29, 2007

Cal Thomas on Israel's Next War

In the futures market, apocalyptic stocks are rising. Israel doesn't seem to be taking the fact that they recently lost (or at least didn't win) a war lying down. According to Cal Thomas: "When Israelis feel threatened they have always looked to the right and this time they appear eager to again turn rightward."

Thomas writes:
If there is to be another war and so soon, Israelis are asking themselves who they would rather have leading their nation: a wishful thinker like Ehud Olmert, who, according to the government report on the Lebanon war, "made up his mind hastily, despite the fact that no detailed military plan was submitted to him and without asking for one," or Benjamin Netanyahu, who understands better than most that Israel won't get a second chance in an all-out war.

It's a good bet that Olmert's days are numbered and Netanyahu's return as prime minister is drawing near. It had better come quickly, because if Ambassador Meridor's worst-case scenario comes true, not only summer is just around the corner; the next war may be as well.
Olmert, a "wishful thinker" who went to war without detailed military plans, sounds vaguely familiar.

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