May 30, 2007

Coca Cola, the Flag, What's the Difference?

"I pledge allegiance to Coca Cola of the United States of America...".

This is part of NR's latest cover, and at the bottom of it there's an apparently unretouched part that shows a woman in a California pro-amnesty march hoisting a Coke can instead of a flag presumably to show her patriotism and solidarity with America.

High-laire, but somehow appropriate given Frederica Matthewes-Greene's comment that we define ourselves by what we consume. (See latest "Spanning the Proverbial Globe".)

I tease, but I don't have the high ground of course. If I was in an Irish parade in Dublin and didn't have an Irish flag handy I'd probably hoist a Guinness. Here is a subtly re-touched photo:

Speaking of Ireland (I am the Cuchulain of segues), I read recently that William Butler Yeats said that men are completely creatures of their age rather than their country. That sort of fatalism is so Irish don't you think?

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