May 21, 2007


My brother-in-law shared this link, which advertises a "9-11 Truth Debate":
"We are looking for someone who will defend the official story that fire brought down the twin towers for a debate to be held later this month."
The funny thing about debates about conspiracies is that it's only the paranoids who are invested in it - they are the only ones who will take all the time to come up with odd explanations. Sane people wouldn't want to waste their time debating wackos.

But that's probably a poor strategy.

Too many people believe the Da Vinci Code is fact simply because it was a bestseller long before it started being regularly refuted. Sane people tend to simply dismiss convoluted conspiracies, but that leaves the field wide open for uncontested lies and gives ignorance time to gather a critical mass.

* * *

I love the time I get to spend sprinkling pixie dust, the stuff of legends & myths, in my journal. When I write I feel so alive. There just great delicious-osity in describing events in life, in the power of words to make the realities of every day life even more vivid and real. When my boss mentioned his dream-tangle with SpongeBob Squarepants (or SpongeSquare BobPants as I mistakenly called him), it triggered my own imagination. It was as if the richness of the Dickensian landscape were transplanted to central Ohio, for what could be more Dickensian than my own dear boss whose life is roiled by the minorest of things (so much like mine!).

* * *

Was watching Saturday's episode of COPS and I was struck by how behaviorly indifferent to pain both lovers and haters are. The police told this arrestee multiple times that he would be tazed if he didn't calm down. The idea of tazing had the opposite effect and, alas, he was tazed. There was little question he knew it would be painful but it didn't matter.

Then there was a married couple having domestic difficulties. The policeman said that three or four times a week they visit this couple. They were obviously in misery but the woman had asked him to come over. It ended in disaster but the man was still hopeful of saving the marriage.

A much clearer illustration of a lover's imperviousness to pain is, of course, what Christ & the saints and martyrs have gone through.

* * *

Never put your CD player on "Track Repeat" and play Never Ending Song Of Love, the Patti Loveless/Dwight Yoakam duet, and expect it not to constantly replay endlessly in your head the next day. I like the song, but that track repeat feature is a dangerous thing.
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Funny beginning to That Catholic Show.

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A dog poem.

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