June 21, 2007

Judge Not a Film By Its Trailer

I am allergic to infomercials. Therefore I was skeptical of Champions of Faith, thinking that it was likely a cheesey infomercial for Christ.

But it turns out it is beautifully photographed and has a documentary feel. It's also very inspiring. And even though the trailer (which I'd viewed beforehand on the 'puter) didn't do much for me and the first five or ten minutes of the film seemed slow (probably more of an indication of my impatience than a reflection on the film's pacing) I can definitely recommend this video.

About eight or ten years ago I was asked to go on a one-day men's gathering in Cincinnati, a sort of a Promise Keepers for Catholics. Maybe ten thousand listened to sports stars talking about their faith, including one football coach who referred to the then-new Catechism as our "playbook" and the Scriptures as our "rulebook" or vice-versa. Anyway, the event was a big success and that suggests that the link between sports and religion seems a way to reach men. So this DVD seems right in our "hitting zone".

But I watched with my wife and she, though not a sports fan, got caught up in it and praised it afterwards.

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