June 23, 2007

Mary as Model

Jacob wrestled with God and I think we get glimpses of the right way to "wrestle with God" when we examine Mary's life. She dealt with mystery and uncertainty well. There was the cryptic, if ominous, warning from Simeon ("a sword shall pierce your heart") that she lived with her whole life. Jesus allowed the anxiety of missing Him for three days when he was at the temple in Jerusalem. There was a "tough love" aspect to it all. When Jesus was told that Mary and others were waiting outside Jesus redefined family as those who do the will of God. She also watched her Son die on the cross, and there is no biblical record of her experiencing Christ in his glorified Body.

But her questioning of Jesus - and therefore of God - was always of a spirit of obedience that seemed neither of an indifferent, robotic nature nor at the other extreme.

It seems Mary became, in a sense, like the eldest in the story of the Prodigal Son, in role though not behavior or attitude. Like the elder son, she never left the Father, having never sinned. She might've lacked some of the immediate gratifications and consolations that other saints received, but she didn't ask for her inheritance in this life and now enjoys eternity as Queen of Heaven.

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