December 20, 2007

Found on Drudge Report

Interesting Katie Couric interviews on how much the voters should weigh marital fidelity in judging presidential candidates.

Joe Biden: I remember asking-- one-- one of the people who's-- a-- a smart guy, is this guy Frank Luntz, who does these groups. And I remember hearing him speak and saying that the polling data shows that the characteristic-- he asked the question generically.

What characteristic do you think the American people most look for in their-- in-- in-- in their president? And I immediately said-- honesty, integrity. In my mind. And he said, no, no. Then he asked the audience. And they said-- the simple most important thing they're looking for is resilience. Someone who can take a 'hit' and get back up and move on. That's an interesting phen-- phenomena.

I've been in public life most of my adult life, and I wouldn't have said that. But ya think about it. It's probably one of those characteristics that-- gives people confidence that you can lead the country through what they know are gonna be ups and downs.

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